A glass

I recently heard a story about a therapist doing a presentation. At this presentation, the therapist pointed to a glass of water.  He informed the group that he did not care if the glass was half full or half empty, for this story goes elsewhere. He asked the group to guess how much the glass weighed.  The people in the crowd raised their hands and responded with “9 oz, 11 oz, 14 oz ….”

When he informed the group that the weight meant little, they grew perplexed.  He continues by saying that the weight of the glass was only relevant to how long someone decides to hold it.  If it is an 8 ounce glass, and he holds it for one hour, his arm may cramp up; however, if he holds it for 12 hours, his whole body may begin feeling the effects, and if he holds onto it for more than a day he may begin to lose sensation in his arm and other parts of his body. 

This story has to do more with how long the therapist holds the water rather than the exact weight, as the longer he holds it the more it “hurts.” Again, the weight of the glass is less important than how long he holds onto it. 

By now, I’m sure you know where I’m going … the therapist then informed the crowd that the glass of water is symbolic of stress. When something stressful happens and you acknowledge it, not much happens; however, the longer you “carry” or focus on it, the heavier it becomes. 

I challenge you to think about what you have held onto, or what you are currently holding onto.

Allow yourself to put down the glass of water.