Empowering Growth

Empowering Growth

Working with Adolescents

Shane uses an appreciation and understanding of family systems, childhood development, attachment, and human behavior in order to effectively work with adolescents and their families.  Shane has a passion for helping adolescents and their families work through anxiety, behavioral difficulties, and mood related issues.  He has a plethora of experience working with children and adolescents ages 3-25.  He conducted clinical services to children who receive early intervention and preschool services for a number of years. Shane has worked extensively to better understand and treat anxiety in children and adolescents.  He developed a program specialized for Selective Mutism/childhood anxiety through a local agency, Liberty POST. 


Working with Young Adults, Adults, Couples, and Families

Shane’s counseling/psychotherapy practice takes many aspects into account when working with individuals, couples, and families.  His therapy principles are primarily in the school of family therapy, emotional intelligence, supportive, and solution focused modalities. He appreciates how delicate and powerful our relationships can be; therefore, he uses an eclectic understanding to assist individuals and families in the process of change.  Simply put, family therapy, solution oriented focus, and the therapeutic alliance promote positive change and growth.


Therapeutic Alliance (therapeutic relationship)

The relationship between therapist and individual/family is essential to achieving personal/family goals. The greatest tool in therapy is the therapeutic alliance (relationship between therapist and individual/family). Understanding the significance of this empowers the therapeutic process.  Shane is able to engage children and adults of all ages.



Whether you are in high school, college, or established in your career, individual and business coaching can empower you to maximize your personal potential. Coaching can be effective to those who want to improve personal awareness, improve academic/athletic/work performance, or to improve interpersonal skills.  Shane is able to work with individuals and companies to help them reach their personal and financial goals.  Coaching has come a long way over the last ten years and many people and companies are benefiting immensely from it.  To learn more, please click here


Group Therapy

Group therapy is highly effective and aims to improve self-awareness, social skills, emotional regulation, and relationship skills.  During adolescence it is impossible to avoid being in a group; whether it’s in a classroom, peer group, sport, family, or club.  Therefore it is important for adolescents to have a healthy understanding of themselves and how they relate/interact with groups. Group therapy allows members to feel safe, to express themselves in more appropriate means, and develop stronger self-regulation skills especially in the face of adversity. 

Shane uses strategies that are highly researched and effective via Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused therapies.  Shane uses specific strategies that focus on group and individual outcomes. Groups are open and ongoing.  If you believe that your child or patient would benefit from group therapy, please contact Shane

Group therapy can be a great addition to individual therapy.